The Psychology of the Humblebrag

David Kinnear explores why people humblebrag and our aversion to the practice, which may be a mark of our evolution as a group.

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The humblebrag is a presentation tactic that many people use on a frequent basis. Its usage is characterized by a “modest or self-deprecating statement” with an intention to draw attention to something of which the speaker is proud. However, it’s also a statement many people find irritating. There is even a whole Twitter account dedicated to it.

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Can Robots Save Our Planet?

Once the stuff of science fiction, robots are helping humans do nearly everything better and faster. Since the Industrial Revolution, automation has reshaped the manufacturing industry in places all over the world, doing repetitive jobs that free up humans for more creative endeavors. Factories are investing in automated technology. The use of drones has reshaped […]

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Smart Tech Developments in Chicago

Recently ranked as one of the top innovative tech hubs in the world, Chicago’s prowess in the industry is on the rise. The Windy City is embedding smart tech into its infrastructure allowing residents, businesses, and governments to become more digitally-engaged through the application of big data, the internet of things, machine learning and data […]

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